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I know you did not succeed in New Year’s Resolutions in 2017. And I say it with confidence, although we have never met because research on this topic has shown that only 8% of people really do.

So, statistically, you did not!

These 4 simple steps will lead you to your most successful resolutions and your most dynamic, productive and joyful year!

Step 1:

Write on a piece of paper, all that made you feel joy or proud of yourself this year, everything you managed, everything you accomplished. We are all hard on ourselves and we believe we are not doing enough.

But if you open your calendar or photos on your cell phone, you will see the progress through all the projects of your year, in life or in business.  You will see all the beautiful moments you have perhaps forgotten, things that you were afraid of but managed to accomplish. This will help you feel successful, productive, but mighty and successful.

Step 2:

Write on the same paper, all you want to get rid of. It’s time to clear up. Projects that do not interest you anymore, plans, commitments, feelings and thoughts that you believe do not represent or serve your purpose anymore. Maybe something that was a burden, but now it’s the chance to get rid of it forever. Continue to pursue only the important ones for you.

Step 3:

The difficult question: What did you learn this year? How did you go, what lesson did you get and what did it reveal to you? Once you write them on paper you will be a step closer and you do not make the same mistake again.

Step 4: Put your big goal to many young people. Again on paper! Think about the steps you need to take to implement it. Targets close, perhaps on a weekly or monthly basis. So your progress will be tangible and measurable, and you will often get the satisfaction of doing it. Not bad at all. If all of this seems vague or cliché, know that some of the most successful people in the world, with these simple steps, have managed to achieve what they always wanted and continue to constantly improve themselves.