Lately, coaching has been a trend, more and more people worldwide are using the services of certified coaches to achieve goals related to their professional, family, social and personal lives.

But do you need a coach? How do you know that coaching is right for you, and exactly what would it offer you?

Coaching will help you if your life is good and you want it to be much better. Coaching is not an intervention for the moment of the crisis, not a substitute for psychotherapy. It cannot replace the advice from your lawyer, accountant, or dietician. But it is about the design of your life and the push that you always wanted to have.

If you have high demands from yourself as well as from others. If you live and work daily in a demanding environment and collaborating with others can be quite challenging, a good coach will help you co-exist effectively and keep your distance from tensions and stress that exhausts you.

You know deep inside that your capabilities are much greater than you’ve ever been able to exploit. A good coach will help you find your strengths and use them to achieve your goals. By achieving your goals, you will gain the excitement you need to keep pushing for what is important to you.

You feel that you have people and relationships around you that, with their negative energy, weaken you and, above all, disorganize you. A good coach will help you gain emotional distance from others and trust yourself so that you remain unshakeable in everyday challenges.

Low confidence you may have at times, does not allow you to take the necessary steps to achieve your biggest dreams. When you work with a good coach you will build confidence in yourself to become the one you always wanted to be without obstacles and limitations. You will be able to identify yourself from the beginning, as well as resist roles imposed on you by others.

You want to take care of yourself. This is important for everyone. If you have ambitions, you often need to start by substantially upgrading the quality of your life before anything else. You will need to make your limits clear, create a supportive and organized environment while remaining relaxed. Achieve excellent stress management, while surrounded by valuable people who understand and actively support you at all times. A good coach will help you shape your life in order to serve your purpose.

The balance between your professional and personal life is not what you would like to be. Excessive workload fills you with stress. Anxiety management and your 100% presence in the environment are skills. A coach can help you with this, so you will feel that you find the balance and enjoy your life on a personal and professional level.

You feel that your free time is non-negotiable, but you do not manage to have but a minimum or none at all, in order to remain efficient, prosperous, and creative. A good coach will help you find a way to organize your daily duties to ensure more free time for you, your family, and everything you love. Enriching your everyday life with more of what you enjoy most, gives you pleasure. You will feel complete by keeping in your life only what is important.

You are at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a transition period, you feel overwhelmed while you want to feel that you are in control. You have a big change in front of you. A divorce, a move, a change in your job in place, or even the environment. Changes are not easy. A good coach will help you build the steps you need, be next to you throughout the process, and help you make even the most difficult decisions easy.

And last but not least, the desire for a great life or career usually involves enough money, sometimes a lot more money. A good coach will work with you to upgrade your career, overcome any internal limitations you may have to get where you want, and enjoy any kind of success.
Do not forget that a good coach believes 100% in you and in your existing skills.

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