Protecting yourself from the negative side of others has become a difficult affair that affects our everyday life. It seems that the more you try to stay positive, the more people appear to try it. It takes some observation to recognize people and situations that are there only to steal your joy and to let you relax.

Protect yourself with 6 simple steps and make your everyday life better.


  1. Stay away from gossip.

Just avoid them.

What makes gossip is to draw an impression. Then we go into the process of judging. When you start judging people before you know their truth, it misrepresents you. It makes you feel vulnerable. But if something is important to you, do not hesitate to address directly to those concerned.

In any case, be sure that the majority of gossip happens because of misunderstandings rather than real facts.

  1. Do not go where you do not feel welcome.

Even when no one has explicitly told you that he feels for you, trust your instincts. The energy in a room can easily be felt, and if you do not feel welcome, do not hesitate to leave politely. There is no need to force yourself to be social with people who are not really interested if you are there or not.

There are other people who appreciate your presence, and these are the people you need to focus on.

  1. Avoid conflicts at any cost.

Some people just want to show you the worst thing about you or even make you publicly ridicule yourself. It may be difficult to remain calm, because we become very impulsive when it comes to defending ourselves, but think what you want to say before you say it, and what will conclude with you from what you say.

Take a breath, realize the motivation and then answered accordingly.

You have the right to defend yourself but take care to resist the temptation to say things that strike under the belt in an attempt to harm the other. In this way, you remain at your height and avoid saying something that one easily transfers to a third party in order to harm you.

4. Put into effect your intention for your day.

Avoid many mistakes when you are in touch with your true intentions about everything that matters to you. Do not let the day, the week or the month happen to you.

Try at regular intervals to think and direct what is in direct line with all your self, with your goals and with what you want to represent forever.

5. Avoid comparing yourself with others.

When you compare yourself with others, all you do is to point out the things you lack, rather than concentrating on your strengths that will take you forward.

Nobody has it all. Spend your time by celebrating everything you’ve done, no matter how small or big it is. Learn to appreciate and enjoy everything you have, and do not hesitate to work hard for what is a priority for you alone.

6. Do not try to thank them all. Be the one you want to be, instead of adapting yourself to the roles imposed by others. Use all the necessary tools to get an emotional distance when it is necessary, but also to trust yourself by staying constant in everyday challenges but also positively to what is happening and what is required.

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Natalia Deligiorgi

Certified Performance Coach