A certified professional coach, a graduate of the Global Academy of Coaching (ICF) with a people-centered approach and an inner drive for growth and improvement on time management and developing softskills.

A member of the mentors’ network of Envolve Entrepreneurship and Orange Grove.

She works as a coach with entrepreneurs, professionals, startuppers and all kinds of high achievers in Greece and abroad who want to take themselves and their business to the next level.

In a short time, by working with her you will refine your goals and vision, and get into what’s most important for you or your business. You are going to turn your vision, into a strategy, so you know what’s needed to be done. As a Productivity-Efficiency Coach, she values professionalism but above all, those with a purpose and a strong work ethic; individuals who are driven to improve and excel in both their work and personal life.

You will work smarter to create clear, simple and achievable action plans. To walk through the obstacles and barriers holding you back from achieving the results you want to reach business, career and personal goals. You will streamline your daily routines, like never before and create more free time for what’s most important to you.

Finally, you will enrich your understanding of your habits and the human dynamics involved in motivating people you relate to.  The goal is to refine your system and make things work for you. A good system smoothens the work process. Know what is important and what can be shelved.

Her coaching program is a good fit for you if you desire to be more efficient, create clarity on your end goal, and identify specific actions that will deliver short or long-term goals.

Started her career as a licensed Special Education therapist, working in Special Schools and NGOs on multiple long-term projects for the relief of people in times of crisis and emergency situations.

As a true life lover, she is passionate about a number of seemingly unconnected things like running and corporate event planning, executive catering, skiing, swimming, and mountaineering just to name a few.

She is a mother of two (a son of 23 and a daughter 17) and she lives in Athens, Greece with her husband.

Deligiorgi Natalia
Certified Performance Coach
Stay Focused-Stay Calm-Make things work
+30 6945508172