Working next to entrepreneurs to help them create a clear and powerful brand for their business while staying on top of their inner game.

Natalia is a certified professional Performance & Development Coach, committed to helping people, businesses, and teams scale up.

A graduate of an ICF Accredited Academy of Coaching with a people-centered approach and an inner drive for growth and improvement.

A member of the mentors’ network of Envolve Entrepreneurship, Orange Grove, University of the Aegean/Aegean Startups, Venture Garden, ALBA, and WOT Greece helping startups and businesses on developing entrepreneurial skills.

She has coaching experience with entrepreneurs and businesses ranging from small startups to well-established enterprises. As a Coach, she is focusing on productivity and development, owner mindset, self-optimization and presentation, adaptability, conflict management, and team dynamics. She has co-founded a Business Coaching Company headquartered in The Netherlands, operating in 3 Hubs, and a  Training Initiative for Startups in Greece.

She has collaborated with leading incubators, accelerators, and hackathons in Greece and abroad and has proudly coached and mentored many award-winning teams.

Started her career as a licensed Educator for Special Education Institutions, working at Special Schools and NGOs on multiple long-term projects for the relief of people in times of crisis and emergency situations.

As a true life lover, she is passionate about a number of seemingly unconnected things like branding, swimming, skiing, hiking, marketing, and mountaineering just to name a few.

She is a mother of two (a son of 25, and a daughter of 19 years old) and she lives in Athens, Greece with her husband Giannis.

Natalia Deligiorgi
Certified Performance & Development Coach
Performance Coaching Greece
+ 30 6945508172
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