What it’s like to have a coaching session?

A session with a Coach is a conversation like no other.

It is a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment, where the entire focus is about you and is directed towards helping you attain what you want in life.

You don’t have to be a successful, goal-oriented person to benefit from the services of a coach.  It is not uncommon for clients to walk into a session with no idea what they want to focus on.

Choosing a topic to focus on

Usually, people have a fairly good idea of what they don’t want to continue experiencing, so this is where we will normally start.

We’ll zoom in and take a good look at your situation, how it’s impacting your life and what it’s costing you now (and down the track) to not create the change that is needed.

The presenting issue might be a feeling of unease about an area in your life.  Often it’s a rift with a family member or a difficult relationship with a colleague.  You might be wanting to improve your health and fitness, learn to love yourself, or turn around negative thinking.

The common issue is a feeling of being “stuck” in a situation that they don’t know how to escape from.

Getting clear on what you want

Once we’ve established what you don’t want, we’ll then look at what you do want.

One thing that surprised me when I first began my work as a coach was realizing how many people had never actually taken the time to ask themselves this question.

For many, this is the first time they’ve allowed themselves to really focus on the kind of relationships/life/career/mindset they’d like to have.

So together, we’ll help you craft a clear and compelling vision for you to move towards.

Getting to the heart of your problem

Next, we’ll identify what is holding you back from having this vision as your reality.

This is achieved by your coach asking really great questions, and challenging you to think about your situation from new angles.

A coach is trained to listen for any negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, hidden fears and self-sabotaging behaviors that are playing a part in keeping you feeling stuck.

By pinpointing the root cause of the problem (which exists on a subconscious level), and then bringing it into conscious awareness, you will be able to clearly see and understand how your thinking or actions have created the issue, and what you can to do to change it.

Without having this awareness, the same patterns will continue to play out in your life.  The circumstances might be different, but the problem will be the same.

How a Performance Coach can help you

The role of a Coach is to empower you and to be a soundboard and mirror for your thoughts.  Our goal is to create clarity, support, encouragement, accountability, and options.

We will explore new perspectives and links between your thinking and patterns of behavior that you’ve been unable to see for yourself.

When you need to step outside of your comfort zone to reach your desired outcome, I will be there to guide and champion you.  To shine a light on your strengths, talents, and resources that you perhaps didn’t even realize you had.

Finally, with your new level of clarity and awareness, you will be given a strategy to help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be – armed with a plan of manageable action steps and a renewed sense of energy and excitement for your future.

If this sounds like something that you need, head over to my calendar page and book a meeting or contact me to arrange a chat.